Residential Support Program

Our Purpose

Peak strives for excellence in all of our support programs.  We strive to always Focus on Ability!  No matter whether supports are provided in the Day Program, in our Outreach Program or in our Residential Services, individuals will be provided with opportunities for Community Access, Employment training/support, Social/Recreational time, Life Skills and Self-Advocacy development.

We know that the people who come to Peak to receive services can do an awful lot by themselves, for themselves, and so staff are there to support and to help when needed.  Staff are there to help individuals to work towards developing skills to increase their independence whenever possible.

We know that people feel at their best when they have regular and predictable routines – especially when they plan them out for themselves!  We strive to ensure people have a great balance of home, social, work and learning time in their lives.  To achieve this, we work closely with the individual receiving services, their guardian, and any other interested parties to build a plan for each person that includes setting goals and creating all the opportunities necessary for the achievement of those goals.

What We Offer

Residential Services specifically offers supports to adults with developmental disabilities in their homes.  Staff are there with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist in any way needed.

The day to day supports and experiences are different for every individual and in every home.  In some of our homes, staff are responsible for meal planning, cooking, budgeting, medication administration, cleaning, laundry, yard work and anything else that comes up – all with a focus on getting individuals as involved as they are able to be.  This might look like putting clothes into the washing machine, or pushing the start button on the dishwasher.  This might look like helping someone to sign themselves up for a bowling league, apply for a job, or perhaps it would be going through cookbooks for recipes and then making a grocery list and a plan to prepare something new.  The person, when preparing the meal, might do the majority of the chopping and sautéing with staff assisting only minimally, others might need staff to do the majority of the preparation.

The point here is that every person is different, and therefore every person’s support plan looks different. The goal in all our Residential Supports homes is always to ensure the individuals in our care have the best quality of life possible.  More than anything, we want to be certain that they have the support and structure in their lives to always feel safe.