Justice Initiative Program

Our Purpose

The program’s primary focus is to provide direct or indirect court/justice support to persons diagnosed or suspected of being impacted by an FASD who are dealing with legal issues. We accomplish this by:

  • Attending court in person or via WebEx to advocate within the courts for appropriate and meaningful outcomes.  Providing support and guidance to the client and/or caregiver during the court/legal process.

  • Providing education and resources about FASD to partners within the justice system and the community.

  • Prepare individualized case and or court plans addressing the needs based on the client’s strengths and needs.

  • Be an active member of the Southern Alberta FASD Network. Operate in a manner that reflects respect and an understanding of the network’s guiding principles and values aligning with Best Practices.

  • Meet with our existing community partners to ensure that they are willing and able to provide services in Lethbridge and the surrounding rural areas. Work collaboratively to develop a strong partnership with the FASD Adult Justice Program.

  • Providing case consultation for Individuals suspected of, or confirmed as being impacted by an FASD. This service provides guidance and information about the justice system and connects individuals with applicable resources.

  • We believe collaboration and teamwork are the best methods to achieve positive outcomes for clients. We strive to develop and maintain partnerships in our community.

  • Clients will be provided with information and referrals to FASD Network programs as well as other community resources available to them.

Funds Management

The program’s secondary purpose is to provide direct or indirect support to individuals suspected or diagnosed with FASD to manage and budget their money. The staff member will operate in the role of Funds Administrator.

  • Funds Administration promotes stability in an individual’s life through support with managing the client’s income. This may include supporting the client with budgeting money, creating a savings plan, setting up third-party payments for rent and other bills, assistance with paying bills, assistance with grocery shopping, communicating with AISH and/or other stakeholders on the Individual’s behalf and filing taxes. The service provider will also support the client in opening a bank account with a local financial institution.

  • Funds Administration can be authorized with the Individuals consent or without. If it is without the Individual’s consent, a recognized governing body (AISH or Alberta Justice) needs to determine the capacity of the individual and determine Funds Administration without consent is in the Individual best Interest.

Scope and Focus

  • To provide services for adults affected with FASD and their involvement with the Justice system. The scope is to continue working with the youth in transition to adulthood, as required.

  • The focus of the FASD Adult Justice Program is to become proactive within the community and to encourage change at all levels.

  • The FASD Adult Justice Specialist works collaboratively with the FASD Youth Justice Project Officer of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service and is in the courtroom throughout the week.

  • Services for individuals are voluntary and free of charge.

Project Development

The FASD Adult Justice program was developed as a partnership under the umbrella of the South Alberta FASD Service Network in response to a need identified in the community. The South Alberta FASD Service Network is a partnership of service providers, community agencies and professionals committed to effecting change and acting as a catalyst for the development of programs and services for individuals and families affected by FASD.

Contact Information

Email: justice@peaksupportservices.org

Phone: (587) 800-9922

Alternative Phone: (403) 329-1262 (Peak Support Services Office)