My Experience Working For Peak


“I work with an incredible group of people. There is such an unbelievable amount of creativity, intelligence, passion, genuine care, humour and dedication here – in the staff AND in the individuals we support – that I genuinely enjoy coming in each day. I’m really proud of the contributions I’ve been able to make in my job and to work for an agency that has a strong reputation for providing quality supports”- Rebecca C

“Peak has been my employer since 2001. When I first started with the agency I was impressed with the “individual first” approach to service delivery. Management, staff and community partners all focused on seeing the individuals succeed in achieving their goals.  The agency has grown substantially over the years; the model of service delivery has changed somewhat; services have expanded as has the number of individuals and employees. However, the focus has remained the same – success for the individuals

Every day, I observe a respectful collaboration between employees and individuals. The individuals seem to be happy to be part of the Peak Team. Employees, some of whom have left Peak and returned, seem to enjoy the collegial atmosphere. Personally speaking, I have learned a great deal during my time with Peak. I’m pleased to see the field of disability services evolve in a positive way” –Florence V

“There are awesome people at Peak. The staff are willing to work together to find solutions. Everybody has a voice and is listened to. Its a very friendly environment” -Karen R

“Being a part Peak Support Services is truly a transformative experience. When you are surrounded by such high-quality people you spend the day with a smile on your face and bounce in your step. As you walk through Peak there are always smiling faces and words of encouragement and support. Fundamentally Peak is a place where all the people involved are building each other up.  This is place that after you enter you leave feeling empowered, where you not only have grown professional but as a person as well”- Jesse S