My Experience Receiving Supports at Peak

“My name is Colin and I have been with PEAK for 14 years. I have worked with the Employment Supports team to find and maintain employment. Some of these positions include Receptionist, Bookkeeper as well as Office Admin at the PDD office here in Lethbridge. I love PEAK and I  am glad I have been apart of it for this long. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for work. I hope  to continue to work with them in the future” -Colin G

“Peak Support Services is a place for people with developmental disabilities to learn how to work and find jobs within the community. They have helped me with finding jobs and volunteer opportunities within the community for the last 18 years. Peak has helped me with job coaching, work orders, making friends, learning new job skills, learning about rights and responsibilities and with having fun” -Melody S

“I have been going to Peak for 7 years now. The Peak staff helped me find a job that I really love. I have friends that I met at Peak and I now also have a lot of buddies at my job. I’m learning some new skills at Peak like math, reading, typing and studying for my drivers license. I really love being at Peak and meeting new people” -Brady P